About me...

Real Estate Broker

South Puget Sound, Washington

I LOVE the Olympia area. It has the bustle of the city, with the comfortable feeling you typically get in a small town. Seated in Thurston County, with access to a diverse range of activities and cities, it's a magnet for any personality type - and one of the most beautiful places on this green earth!

I'm lucky - I've lived in Washington my whole life - growing up in the farmland of the Columbia Basin. And although Central Washington has my roots - and a beauty of its own - Western Washington has my heart. I still remember my first trip to Olympia, the first time I saw the capitol dome, the first time I drove through the Capitol District...this is home.

My husband, Chet, and I bought out first home in Spokane, Washington. We are both hands-on and "get-in-and-get-dirty" kind of people - and back then, we were young and still had lots of time and energy - so a fixer-upper was a perfect fit for us. We spent a year renovating and, although it was exhausting (and our vocabulary became a little more colorful), it paid off! When Chet joined the army and was stationed at Joint Base Lewis McChord, we moved to Western Washington, and were able to sell for a profit. And it's lucky we did, because the cost of living in Western Washington was a HUGE adjustment for us! When it was time to buy again, we decided we liked the quieter, slower lifestyle we found in Thurston County, so we bought another fixer-upper just outside of Lacey. 

Since then, we've both changed jobs, moved again, had a baby, got 2 dogs, and have reallocated our time and energy to the things that come along with those responsibilities.  But we couldn't imagine doing all these things anywhere else.

Before real estate, I worked in Human Resources.  My job was steering employees toward the resources they needed to succeed in their new positions.  I use that love for knowledge and empowerment in real estate to help my clients understand each step of the process, because I'm a firm believer that the more you know, the better your decisions.

My family and friends will tell you I'm fairly competitive, so choosing the right team was a big decision for me.  I wanted to join a winning team, that would also be able to help me achieve success.  And that's why I chose Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty - they have so many values I could relate to - a high level of professionalism, superior industry knowledge, and a focus on service, lasting relationships, and the community.  And I chose well.  I  consistenly rank with Coldwel Banker's top performers.

Buying or selling property is a huge deal - if you're like most of us, it's THE biggest transaction of your life.  Choose a real estate partner who takes it seriously.  And is also fun to be around.  😊