The difference...

Real Estate Broker

Olympia, Washington

Not all real estate brokers are created equal.  

True professionals dedicate many hours and lots of energy to perfecting their craft.  They don't take shortcuts.  They don't sacrifice service for a quick buck.  And they constantly ask themselves what they can do better.

So, what makes me different from the average real estate agent?  I'm a full-time real estate agent.  This isn't a hobby or something I do in my spare time.  This is my full-time job.  And one I take very seriously.

I don't measure my success by the millions of dollars of real estate I sell each year.  I measure it in the number of people I help...whether it's buying their first home, or downsizing from the home they raised their kids in, or buying sight unseen from across the country. 

That's what I love about this business--the people and their stories.  Without people, this is just trading commodities--but HOME is so much more than that and a real estate transaction comes with so much more emotion.  And being able to handle that emotion, is a requirement.  Being able to communicate effectively is non-negotiable.

My objective is to help my clients identify their goals and the next steps involved in achieving those goals. 

And sometimes, that means NOT selling a house! 

Because real estate is a relationships business and I'd rather be talked about as the agent who helps people make the choices that are best for them than the alternative.